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Pool in Garden
decorated pool
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marble pool

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Dream builders since 1977.

Passion is the essence of our achievements

With over 40 years of experience, we passionately design and install superior quality swimming pools. In addition to respecting industry standards, we add our highest quality criteria. This attention to detail allows us to offer you pools that are more durable, more beautiful and with a better guarantee than elsewhere in the industry.

Thanks to our meticulous team who uses high quality materials, our swimming pools are the best designed on the market. In addition, our curiosity brings us innovation and novelty to offer you the cream of the crop and thus, your yard becomes your haven of peace.

Forest Pool
pool in front of Castle

Take the time to live

The day is over, the weekend is starting.

As a couple or with family by your pool, silence now prevails.

You're surprised to find that you can hear the noises from outside and continue to focus on what's happening inside you.

You hear sounds that bring sensations to the surface. You listen, and you feel your breathing become deeper and deeper. It's pleasant. Your body inhales relaxation and exhales tension, stress, and discomfort.

Our engagement


To offer you personalized and unique support from the start to the end of your project.

Building with solid

The choice, quantity, and location of materials are essential data.

That's why Hippocampe Pool chooses the best components and offers you the most durable products in the industry.

Decorated pools
Matching your environment

Our personalized service will know how to match your pool to your dream yard or your existing environment.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

With our unique guarantees on our pools, your peace of mind will be assured.

Watch our construction process

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