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Steel Structure Model Definition

La piscine hors-terre Définition a été conçue pour résister à l’épreuve du temps. Sa structure est recouverte de multiples combinaisons de finis de protection afin de lui assurer une résistance maximale aux éléments et à la corrosion, ainsi qu’une durabilité optimale.

Elle est offerte dans plusieurs tailles de 12 à 27 pieds. Idéale pour un premier achat.

À partir de 4,399 $ livraison et installation incluse.

Pool House
Big pool

Java Model Hybrid Structure

Your backyard will be the meeting point this summer!

Introducing warm colors that redefine the standard, with its modern lines, the Java swimming pool will bring a greatly attractive enhancement to your summer experience.

It is even compatible with salt water filtration systems. Available in round or oval version. Make a statement with Java and become the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Hana model resin structure

The resin pool is a superb pool made using injection molded resin for its components, which gives it increased strength.

A high-end finish as well as a design that makes it superb and elegant. It is even compatible with salt water filtration systems. Durability, style and beauty.

Farmhouse Pool

Choose a local manufacturer:

Piscine Hippocampe offre des piscines de qualités, construites au Québec, garantissant la durabilité et l'intégralité de la structure face à notre climat changeant.

Personalize your pool:

Our different above-ground pool sizes allow you to carry out each of your projects according to your space. Our round pools are available from 12 feet up to 27 feet, while our oval pools are available from 12 x 16 feet up to 15 x 30 feet.

Our diverse canvas choices allow you to stay up to date. Indeed, we have a multitude of colors for your new pool liner.

Personalize your pool

On the technical side, opt for quality:

Praher and HighFlow Plumbing

Praher and HighFlow Plumbing:

Our plumbing is installed with unscrewable unions as well as a Praher valve allowing you to reduce breakage and increase the efficiency of your filtration.

Filtration améliorée:

The 300 pound sand filter increases the filtration capacity of your above-ground pool and thereby reduces impurities for healthier water while saving on chlorine consumption.

Improved filtration

Geotextile 600g/m2:

The 600g/m2 geotextile fabric exclusive to Piscine Hippocampe not only ensures a pleasant swimming experience, but also extends the life of your pool fabric.

Minéraluxe Products: 

Pool maintenance has never been easier.

The Mineraluxe Pool Maintenance System is the most advanced pool maintenance program available.

Your pool is meant to be a special sanctuary for you and your family. The Mineraluxe pool maintenance system allows you to focus on creating memories and enjoying summer with family and friends. Nothing could be easier to use and it provides incredible water clarity and comfort. The system maximizes swimming days avoiding potential problems and truly eliminates the stress and added cost of owning a pool. And best of all. For a typical pool owner, the Mineraluxe pool maintenance system costs less than your daily cup of coffee!

Sin title

We've used more natural, less synthetic chemicals in this system to make it a healthier way to care for your pool.

The Mineraluxe pool maintenance system. Zero effort. Next level results.

Mineraluxe redefines water comfort. Along with balancing your water regularly and maintaining a chlorine residual with Mineraluxe Sanitizer Sticks, that's all there is to it. No chemistry degree is necessary.

The little extras:

Do you want to opt for warmer, more pleasant water?

Thermal heat pump:

Thermeau is a Quebec company that exceeds industry standards to provide you with superior quality products. With the best components, swimming in October is possible!

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