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Seahorse Pool is recognized in the industry as a reference in spa sales and after-sales service. Selecting hassle-free spa ranges giving you peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for a massage therapy spa or an exercise spa, we have the spa that meets your needs. Our goal is to find the best spa for you and your family. Make an appointment with our sales advisors to explore the different possibilities available to you.

Seahorse Pool is the custodian of the prestigious spa brand Bullfrog spas, the Dream Maker spa line as well as the CalSpa brand. This variety will meet all your needs in terms of comfort and prestige. Come visit the unique and vast showroom on the South Shore of the greater Metropolitan region.

Our brands

Bullfrog spas
Dreammaker spas
Bullfrog spas

Come and discover the Bullfrogs Spa on our website dedicated to them by clicking on the following link.

Bullfrog Spas
JetPak Therapy System™

JetPak™ Therapy System

The Bullfrog Spas JetPak Therapy System for the A Series includes 16 unique, interchangeable JetPak® massages to choose from, so you can personalize your spa experience.

Select your favorite massages, place them in your favorite seats, move them from seat to seat whenever you want, and upgrade them with a new JetPak at any time.


Series A

Luxury Class

Advanced and stylish, the A Series™ is a premium spa collection that sets a high standard for luxury and performance. Elegantly styled and fully equipped, A Series spas allow you to design your ultimate personal spa. Every premium A-Series spa is equipped with the JetPak Therapy System™ with JetPaks in all premium seating locations for maximum customization of your spa experience.

Seria a
Calspas spas

Cal Spas Escape-X

The X Series spa line offers the most comfortable and luxurious upgrades to our most popular spas. Our X series is designed to offer the best price/performance ratio available on the market. Through the use of advanced materials and technologies, the X Series offers a unique look, feel and ownership for a spa. Our incomparable engineering allows for timeless design, low maintenance and maximum luxury, all provided by the world's most renowned spa manufacturer.

Dreammaker logo

Come see the superb Dream Makers Spas collection, the 100% Syncrylic finish offers the beauty of acrylic with the robustness of polyethylene rotomolding.

Easy 110 volt connection, easy installation and a selection of options such as spacious entrance steps with handrail serving as steps, storage and flower boxes. Dream Maker Spas, an incomparable value.

Dreammaker logo Featured
lumi-o logo featured
lumi-o logo

Proudly Made in Quebec, the ghost spa will not go unnoticed by you with its innovative features such as quick connection to 120 volts, installation on all (level) surfaces, easy access for maintenance and above all unique ergonomics that make it the most current spa on the market.

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