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Frequently Asked Questions

Useful information for our customers.

What products does Piscine Hippocampe offer?

Piscine Hippocampe offers a range of products, including above-ground swimming pools and spas. Their pool options include the corrosion-resistant steel Definition model, the modern and attractive Hybrid model, as well as the sleek and stylish Resin model. They are also known for their selection of hot tubs from well-known brands such as Bullfrog Spas, Dream Maker Spas and Lumio.

What are the main characteristics of the Bullfrog spas offered by Piscine Hippocampe?

Bullfrog spas, available at Piscine Hippocampe, are renowned for their customizable features and their innovative JetPak™ system. With the Bullfrog M Series, you can enjoy the most refined spa experience, with intuitive functionality, beautiful design, versatile amenities and JetPaks in every seat. Piscine Hippocampe also offers other Bullfrog series, including STIL, A, and X, each meeting different preferences and budgets.

Que pouvez-vous me dire sur les spas Dream Maker disponibles chez Piscine Hippocampe?

Dream Maker spas, offered by Piscine Hippocampe, are characterized by their unique Syncrylic finish, which combines the beauty of acrylic with the durability of polyethylene. These spas are popular for their easy 110 volt installation, simple installation and selection of options. Dream Maker spas offer exceptional value and are a great choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable spa option.

Les spas Lumio sont-ils disponibles chez Piscine Hippocampe?

Yes, Piscine Hippocampe proudly offers Lumio spas, made in Quebec. Lumio spas are distinguished by innovative features, such as a quick 120-volt connection, installation on level surfaces, easy access to maintenance and unique ergonomics. These spas are designed to be current and aesthetically appealing while providing an enjoyable spa experience.

Quels services offre Piscine Hippocampe?

Piscine Hippocampe offers a full range of services to meet your swimming pool and spa needs.

Our services include the installation of above-ground pools and spas, repair and maintenance of equipment and pumps, water analysis, advice on product selection and much more. Their team of experienced advisors is here to help you make the right decisions and ensure you get the most out of your experience.

How can I make an appointment with an advisor?

To make an appointment with one of Piscine Hippocampe's sales advisors, you can contact them by telephone at (450) 632-8680 or by email at Their team will be happy to answer your questions, discuss your specific needs and guide you in choosing the product that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

How can I contact Piscine Hippocampe?

You can contact Piscine Hippocampe by telephone at (450) 632-8680 or by email. For more information and updates, you can also visit their official website.

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